Due to its central location in downtown Buffalo, there is no onsite parking for Shea’s Performing Arts Center. However, there are garages and ramps in abundance around, many within a few minutes walking distance of the venue.

Please aim to arrive at the venue at least 20-30 minutes early, allowing plenty of time for delays on your journey, to park, and to travel from there to the venue. On days of highly in-demand performances, spaces closest to the venue may become restricted, so patrons are advised to have backup options planned in case their preferred choice is unavailable.

1. Pay2Park, Lot 69
422 Pearl St
+1 716-853-3400

2. M&T Customer Lot
553 Washington St
+1 716-856-7809

3. Pay 2 Park
157 Delaware Ave
+1 716-853-3400

4. Pay2Park, Lot 21
690 Main St
+1 716-853-3400

5. Adam Ramp
343 Washington St
+1 716-849-5812