The Nutcracker at Sheas Performing Arts Center

The Nutcracker Tickets

Sheas Performing Arts Center | Buffalo, New York

The Nutcracker, the outstanding award winner and critically acclaimed show is back for more for a worldly North American tour for winter, 2022! The Nutcracker is worthwhile for the whole family, it's the ultimate live dance performance you will see for years to come and Sunday 4th December 2022 is one date that'll stand out to you for some time. The New York, Buffalo stop will come to the spectacular Sheas Performing Arts Center for a Sunday night full of outstanding talent and joy, you'll leave feeling invigorated this December! The Nutcracker the show you didn't know you needed! BOOK NOW by clicking the 'GET TICKETS' button above!

The Nutcracker at Shea's Performing Arts Center

There are pleasurable emotions associated with seeing an on stage dance performance, its unique and something to attend with your loved ones, one wholesome moment together it's simply outstanding! Have you noticed that The Nutcracker is doing a US tour for winter, 2022? Such an exciting surprise! The Nutcracker have the most exceptional talent around, notably the top, reviews have been out of this world, you'd be foolish to miss this! So now you know for what you'll be doing Sunday 4th December 2022! The cherry on top is that, The Nutcracker is going to showcase this Sunday evening of magnificent choreography in December at the outstanding Sheas Performing Arts Center, New York, Buffalo! Sheas Performing Arts Center is boasted about for the outstanding interiors and helpful staff, you can expect abundant delicious food vendors and commercial march will be available alongside. Supplies are already flying so we recommend that you secure yours promptly…we are at hand for the transaction simply click the 'get tickets' icon you'll see above!

The Nutcracker at Shea's Performing Arts Center

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