Jagged Little Pill at Sheas Performing Arts Center

Jagged Little Pill Tickets

Sheas Performing Arts Center | Buffalo, New York

If you are waiting for an unbelievable experience that will stay with you for days after the curtains fall, then you need to make sure you come to the illustrious Sheas Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, New York to experience the new rock musical that is Jagged Little Pill for a live event. Jagged Little Pill is so dense with plot that could have sustained solely on the original 12 songs from Morissette’s seminal, Diamond-certified 1995 album that gives the performance its title. You’ll hear all of them framed within inspired contexts: “Ironic” is sung in a high school writing workshop, “Forgiven” is an act-one curtain closer set in a church that dramatizes an unsettling turning point in Mary Jane’s spiraling pill addiction. The show also features nine other favorites from Morissette’s later repertoire, including “Hands Clean,” “Thank U,” and “Uninvited.” Plus, two new songs have been written for the occasion, “Smiling” and “Predator.”! To book your tickets today, click the Buy Tickets button below. But don’t wait, because the show shouldn’t start without you.

Jagged Little Pill at Shea's Performing Arts Center

If you're a fan of Alanis Morissette then there's no doubt in mind you'll be singing along to every word as Jagged Little Pill hits the stage on Wednesday 7th June 2023 at Sheas Performing Arts Center. If you've booked your tickets then you're in for a ride. Jagged Little Pill is fast becoming the must-see show of 2023 for any Alanis fan! The cast have been highly reviewed across the board for their spectacular previous performances, even receiving the best praise from Alanis Morissette herself! This unique musical is the talk of the town and will be coming straight to you in Buffalo. Catch every moment as Jagged Little Pill brings an exciting broadway production of the unforgettable album in full, right before your very eyes!

Jagged Little Pill at Shea's Performing Arts Center

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