Hadestown at Sheas Performing Arts Center

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Sheas Performing Arts Center | Buffalo, New York

Welcome to HADESTOWN, where a song can change your fortune. Come, on a dreadful journey to the very depths of the underworld with Sheas Performing Arts Center in the city of Buffalo performing, on the Thursday 23rd February 2023, Hadestown! Where the lord of hell, King Hades dwells, together with his troubled wife the Queen of Summer herself, Persephone. Together they control the last living space left in all creation, The Factory. Watch with us, as Orpheus sneaks down into the underworld to retrieve his missing love Eurydice… be on your guard young wanderer, for Hades is not known for freeing those souls that which have been given to him.

Hadestown at Shea's Performing Arts Center

Enter the pandemonium of Hadestown on Thursday 23rd February 2023 at the wonderful Sheas Performing Arts Center. It will be an evening of splendour, melodies and epic story telling, so book your seats immediately before your opportunity passes and ensure you are there. You will be welcomed to Hadestown, where destinies can shift with the murmur of a song and where Ruler Hades reigns over the underworld, having all the power. This tale of woe, love and hope intertwines two mythic tales – that of two youthful earthly dreamers Orpheus and Eurydice and that of the gods Hades and Persephone. What takes place when a mortal’s devotion is tried? Can it remain pure if it distrusts? Can people push against the wiles of the gods? Hadestown has an array of catchy tunes to ensnare your heart, the poignant and powerful lyrics touching on human emotions that every existence feels. Sheas Performing Arts Center is apt at transporting audiences to Hadestown with its high quality gear to completely show the enduring story of Hadestown. Fates will clash and music will bellow with the story of Hadestown, so secure your tickets now for Thursday 23rd February 2023 at the Sheas Performing Arts Center and be sure to enjoy the night with Hadestown.

Hadestown at Shea's Performing Arts Center

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