Bluey's Big Play at Sheas Performing Arts Center

Bluey's Big Play Tickets

Sheas Performing Arts Center | Buffalo, New York

This spring, something exciting is coming to Buffalo, New York, that’s
excellent for the entire family! It’s none other than the sensational Bluey's Big Play! On Saturday 15th April 2023, the live theater adaptation of popular children’s TV series will conquer the stage at the Sheas Performing Arts Center! You can expect Bluey’s
Big Play’s amazing score as your beloved charming characters Bluey Heeler, his sister Bingo Heeler, and their parents Bandit and Chili Heeler take the stage and delivers an exciting performance! Bluey's Big Play is guaranteed to get the entire family singing and dancing along to the show’s catchy tunes! So hurry up grab your tickets now to be part of Bluey's Big Play at the Sheas Performing Arts Center on Saturday 15th April 2023!

Bluey's Big Play at Shea's Performing Arts Center

A brand-new play of the Emmy-winning children's TV program Bluey's Big Play has been developed. It is brought to life with some very enjoyable cameos, a good assortment of games (both old and new), and even a few fart jokes. It has a new, moving story that is incorporated with a selection of your favorite show moments. It includes all the necessary parts as well as a few extras that elevate the show's exceptional caliber.

The young audience members will jump upwards and down from their seats in pure joy when a character appears and ask what will happen next? This further enhances the performance to a new standard of excellence and facilitates a sense of community. It comes equipped with some of the most amazing puppets performing to a soundtrack created by the voice cast, including the endearing Bluey and Bingo and the immediately recognizable Dave McCormack and Melanie Zanetti as Bandit and Chilli Heeler. Joff Bush, the series' talented composer, composed the music for the production.

You have to take your kids to see the Heelers' first live theater production. Bluey's Big Play is a masterpiece that will warm your heart, and it shouldn't be missed. You have never seen Bluey like this before.

Bluey's Big Play at Shea's Performing Arts Center

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