Bert Kreischer at Sheas Performing Arts Center

Bert Kreischer Tickets

Sheas Performing Arts Center | Buffalo, New York

Comedy is needed for so many, there is nothing like that huge boost of joy, you cant put a price on it! How would you feel if you knew Bert Kreischer the unbelievable comedy act is touring for fall 2022 in New York, Buffalo? Good right? Well, tickets are now on general release so take all the details for your reference and think fast…Bert Kreischer is the supreme comedy around right now! Saturday 15th October 2022 is a big day at Sheas Performing Arts Center, New York, Buffalo, Bert Kreischer is so important and the venue will be flooded with laughs, it'll be the most outstanding Saturday evening ever! Bag your access for October immediately by clicking the 'GET TICKETS' link!

Bert Kreischer at Shea's Performing Arts Center

What better way to spend your Saturday evening this October than watching Bert Kreischer!? Only the best comedy act around….so many memorable moments, we will never get over the laughs we've had, so how about seeing a live performance…the feeling is totally unmatched! Bert Kreischer, brilliantly touring again for fall, 2022… is a huge part in the public eye and features on so many popular shows, can you imagine sitting amongst the roaring crowd laughing your head off? Saturday 15th October 2022 is going to be wild down at the spectacular Sheas Performing Arts Center, New York, Buffalo. After you've enjoyed a spectacular night of comedy you'll be in the heart of town, there is an array of delicious and well known places to eat and drink and re routing is very easy, public transport is abundant. Sheas Performing Arts Center is the ideal comedy venue! BOOK YOUR ENTRY for October TODAY, by pressing the 'get tickets' button above!

Bert Kreischer at Shea's Performing Arts Center

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